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Thu Aug 08 2019 02:08 PM
The Country the World says Doesn't Exist (Artsakh)

The Country The World Says Doesn't Exist

Beautiful scenery for such a war-torn place. Azerbaijan has the upper hand, with a superior economy to wage war.


Artsakh officially doesn't exist, and is not diplomatically recognized by any of the major powers for reasons of not wanting backlash from Turkey or Azarbaijan for interfering with their national interests.

One of those places like Israel or Kashmir or Crete or Bosnia that has a long bloody history, unfortunate for the people native to it.

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Sat Aug 10 2019 06:55 AM
Re: The Country the World says Doesn't Exist (Artsakh)

Within the same map you can see Artsakh (12, here named by a sub-sect of Artsakh), you can also see the war-torn breakoff territory/nations of Chechnya (8), and the former Georgia provinces of Abkhazia (9) and South Ossetia (10), that had Russian tanks rolling through them as recently as 2009.

Another I can think of offhand is Transnistria, a breakoff province of Moldova, that (unlike the majority population of Moldova that have a culture similar to Rumanians) Transnistria has a majority of Russian-speaking ethnic Russians and Ukranians, hence the breakoff.

The caucuses are a textbook argument against fomenting multiculturalism.