That deflects from all the factual basis I cited, of Democrats previously submitting MILLIONS of fake voters and double-voters, as cited by True The Vote (who were suppressed and intimidated by the IRS with audits of their personal and organization records, and raids on their small business, to silence them).

As I've cited repeatedly, ALL the occasions where there was interaction between the Trump campaign officials and Russia were set up to LOOK like Trump attempts, when in fact they were set up by the Clinton Campaign/Fusion GPS/Christopher Steele, or by other Deep State operatives.
Three examples:
1) The meeting with Russian attorney Veselnitskaya and Donalsd Trump Jr.: Veselnitskaya had no legitimate reason to even be in the United States, except for a very unusual VISA that was prepared for her by Obama's attorney general Loretta Lynch. Veselnitskaya call Donald Trump Jr. and offers Hillary Clinton compromising e-mails. Trump Jr. agrees to a meeting (if I recall, in Trump Tower). Trump Jr sits down with her for 20 minutes before he see she is not being honest with him, and ends the meeting, no transaction. By her own appointment book, Veselnitskaya met with Fusion GPS (Hillary Clinton's paid-for opposition research/smear merchants) both *BEFORE* *AND AFTER* the meeting with Trump Jr.! CLEARLY, a set-up, orchestrated by the Clinton campaign.

2) Then-Senator Jeff Sessions (now Trump's attorney general) was set up by Democrats at an Obama State of the Union address for a brief handshake and photo-op with the Russian ambassador. Ddespite that their "meeting" and "conversation" was all of a minute or two and couldn't have extended beyond Hello, nice to meet you, how are you doing? This meeting stirred a public hissy-fit by the Democrat leadership where they demanded that Sessions recuse himself. For what, I'm still not sure.

3) Like Veselnitskaya, several FBI/DOJ "spy/confidential informats" made offers of Hillary Clinton secret/compromising e-mails to multiple Trump officials, including Ric Gates, Paul Manafort, Carter Page, Michael Flynn, George Pappadapoulos, Roger Stone, Sam Clovis, and Michael Caputo. The last two not only didn't take the bait, but immediately reported the offers to FBI/DOJ, and Senate/Congress investigators. Michael Caputo said their informing investigators of these illegal offers was met by all with indifference and NO INVESTIGATION, and in particular the FBI seemed to know in advance what Caputo was telling them. Because in retrospect, knowing of the "confidential informant"/spies FBI sent among them, Michael Caputo could see these guys were bait sent by the FBI to trap them, and FBI was only interested in setting them up, not capturing the ones offering the top secret e-mails.

I keep pointing out these facts, M E M, and you keep evading them. You are citing off-the-cuff slanders and allegations with no basis in fact. I am citing facts. EVERYTHING leads to Christopher Steele/the Steele "Russia Dossier"/Fusion-GPS/the insulating Clinton-hired law firm/the Clinton Campaign. EVERYTHING.

NOTHING leads to Trump that didn't start and was orchestrated by the Clinton campaign. NOTHING.

  • from Do Racists have lower IQ's...

    Liberals who bemoan discrimination, intolerance, restraint of Constitutional freedoms, and promotion of hatred toward various abberant minorities, have absolutely no problem with discriminating against, being intolerant of, restricting Constitutional freedoms of, and directing hate-filled scapegoat rhetoric against conservatives.

    EXACTLY what they accuse Republicans/conservatives of doing, is EXACTLY what liberals/Democrats do themselves, to those who oppose their beliefs.