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#1224982 - Mon Jan 29 2018 04:39 PM I live in the worst state in the U.S....
Wonder Boy
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Florida is officially the crème de la crappy of all 50 states, ranking dead last on a list of best to worst locations in America.

Thrillist released a definitive ranking of the states in July with a “go big or go home” ranking system based on, literally, "everything."

"Everything" being their contributions to America: important, well-known people, inventions, food and drink, and unique physical beauty and landmarks.

And Florida, apparently, has none of those things.

"When putting together a list such as this, there can be some temptation to defy popular expectations and go against the grain," the site said.

“However, Florida’s awfulness resume is so staggeringly impressive that it couldn’t go any other way.”

The state that broke most likely every prediction ever by topping the list was none other than Michigan.

Despite Detroit’s bad rep, the site argues that Michigan has more coastline than any other state (except for Alaska). The site also mentions the undeniable beauty of the Upper Peninsula and its residents’ willingness to apologize for their creation of Kid Rock.

California and New York rank lower than expected at numbers 9 and 13, respectively.

Barely beating out Florida at the low-end of the list are Delaware and Ohio. Thrillist has (somewhat rightfully) dubbed Ohio the “Florida of the North.” Ouch.

So what makes Florida so god-awful?

Could be the humidity, the atrocious traffic, the fact that just a few years ago Floridians were smoking bath salts and eating people’s faces off.

"I lived there for four years as a reporter in central and south Florida, and love it in the way that only a person who has gotten the hell out possibly can," Thrillist travel editor Sam Eifling told Newsweek. "Florida is where bath salts and Creed and the Great Recession all got their starts. It's where Donald Trump has chosen to hang out for seven solid weeks during the past year. I mean, c'mon."

Florida’s rep has also been permanently damaged since that fateful day in 1981 when Miami became the birthplace of American rapper and Mr. Worldwide: Pitbull.

But according to this reporter's experience, what the southern state lacks in overall quality of life, it makes up for in amusement parks. Florida owes all that it has to Disney World and Universal Studios.

Despite its unfavorable ranking, Thrillist remains optimistic for the Sunshine State. It leaves Florida with a message of encouragement and positivity: “You were born for this. Embrace it.”

Yeah, except for the beaches, the women, the warm weather, being an international center, a good economy, and a lot of beautiful places to see, what do we have to offer?
I don't agree with this article, but had a good laugh reading it. Does anyone think Ohio or Arkansas or Indiana or Montana are better places to live? The 100 families a day moving to Florida would disagree.

What I love about Florida is it's kind of like 5 or 6 states within the same state, there is such a difference in how different parts are.

Where I'm at in Boca Raton is metropolitan, and kind of like a suburb of New York city with the ratio of northeasterners who immigrate here, with a mix of Hispanic and other international immigrants from Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina and Europe.
The Miami area has a higher Hispanic ratio, mostly Cuban, and you almost feel like you're in another country there.
The Orlando/Disney area I don't really have to explain.
North of West Palm Beach and on the West coast, the atmosphere is more quiet and Midwestern.
And north of that in Jacksonville, Gainesville, Tallahassee and Pensacola, it feels more like Georgia or the deep south.
The keys are more like being in the Caribbean, with a very laid back Jimmy Buffett feel.

I miss things like snow in the winter, and mountains, and the seasonal change of colors in the trees and landscape like you see in places like North Carolina and Virginia. But when it's 70 degrees in January and February, it's really hard to complain.

My biggest complaint is that people here are transients who are here only a few years and then move on. And the New York element, as well as the Hispanic immigrant element can have a certain rude factor. But there's good and bad people everywhere. And I know people from Cuba to Brazil to Sri Lanka to Russia. The good with the bad, and overall I think it's pretty good.

#1225186 - Tue Feb 27 2018 12:49 PM Re: I live in the worst state in the U.S.... [Re: Wonder Boy]
Wonder Boy
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Another list, a month or so later:

According to this one, Florida ranks a bit higher at 15th. Of those who post here M E M lives in the best-rated state, Minnesota.

#1225207 - Sat Mar 03 2018 09:59 AM Re: I live in the worst state in the U.S.... [Re: Wonder Boy]
Matter-eater Man
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I like my state but our winters really should knock us further down the list. Weeks of sub zero temps and short days make a couple of months challenging.

Fair play!

#1225216 - Mon Mar 05 2018 11:08 PM Re: I live in the worst state in the U.S.... [Re: Matter-eater Man]
Wonder Boy
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Loc: A glorious bold new America

The closest I've been to Minnesota is Michigan. I have relatives in the Detroit area, more recently moved to the Lansing area (to get away from the crime, islamicization, and a few years prior to the entire collapse of Detroit that occurred).

I was amazed how flat the Detroit area is, very much like Florida in that aspect. It's funny, because I have a great sense of direction, but in Detroit I was lost until I discovered the Detroit river. I'm a coastal guy, and once I found water, I could guage everything in proximity to the river!

There was a part of downtown Detroit that was like Planet of the Apes, seemingly abandoned buildings with all the windows smashed out, and not a person in sight. It was like a hundred years after a nuclear war, the Abandoned City. A few hours later, I told my aunt where I traveled, and she turned pale. She told me if I got a flat tire there, they never would have found my body.

The NAACP was having a convention there, it was an overwhelmingly black city. There's a downtown area near city hall that was actually quite nice, called "Greek Street" with a lot of nice places to eat. Once you got a hundred yards away from that, it suddenly became a dangerous neighborhood. Driving out through there, one could feel the burning hatred in the eyes of black residents, just driving through there. Not a place I'd care to visit again.

The best part of Detroit for me is it had a lot of good and well-stocked comic book stores. I completed my 70's runs of BATMAN, DETECTIVE, SUPERBOY and SUPERMAN while I was there. And I'd say I paid at least 30% less for these issues than I would have in South Florida shops. I filled a short box with my new purchases, and carried it on the plane with me. That was 1989. Post 9-11, I don't know if I could carry a box of stuff on the plane with me like that.

It was late July/Early August when I visited. In line with what you said, I woke up one morning and it was 40 degrees outside. I thought: "What is this, it's JULY!"
In Florida there's maybe 14 days in the coldest part of the year where it gets down to 40 degrees. And usually on a clear day without clouds, it warms up to 75 or 80 by noon.

July in Michigan was quite a jolt for me.

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