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#1225243 - Tue Mar 20 2018 01:17 AM Weinstein Company filing for Bankruptcy
Son of Mxy
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I know the sexual misconduct issue contributed, but as I understand it they were already in trouble even before the whole scandal surfaced.

Weren't they known for producing budget-friendly films en masse? I don't understand the business side of hollywood, but how is that not profitable?

#1225245 - Tue Mar 20 2018 01:44 PM Re: Weinstein Company filing for Bankruptcy [Re: Son of Mxy]
Ultimate Jaburg53
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Raped at the box office?


Photobucket is sockfucking my intellectual properties.

#1225386 - Sun Apr 08 2018 01:38 PM Re: Weinstein Company filing for Bankruptcy [Re: Ultimate Jaburg53]
Wonder Boy
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Maybe there's a secret set of books to pay off actresses who were humped unwillingly on the casting couch, so they don't press charges.

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