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#1225491 - Sun Apr 15 2018 12:57 PM Making him LITERALLY a flaming homosexual
the G-man
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David Buckel, prominent gay rights lawyer, burns himself to death in New York to protest global warming

  • David Buckel, 60, left behind a charred corpse and a typed suicide note that said he was burning himself to death using “fossil fuel” to reflect how mankind was likewise killing itself, police sources said....

    “Most humans on the planet now breathe air made unhealthy by fossil fuels, and many die early deaths as a result,” Buckel wrote in his note, which he also sent to the New York Times.

    “My early death by fossil fuel reflects what we are doing to ourselves.”​

#1225494 - Mon Apr 16 2018 08:09 AM Re: Making him LITERALLY a flaming homosexual [Re: the G-man]
Wonder Boy
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That's just natural selection doing its job. Weeding out the crap that doesn't deserve to exist.

It reflects badly on environmentalists, as crazies with weird ideas, that leave the rest of us scratching our heads wondering how they could be that crazy. Maybe they're not all that crazy, but there certainly are many among them who are. Eco-terrorism is prevalent in pursuit of their cause. Although this is the first eco-suicide I've ever heard of.
That's way out there over the deep end.

#1225499 - Mon Apr 16 2018 01:13 PM Re: Making him LITERALLY a flaming homosexual [Re: Wonder Boy]
Wonder Boy
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Oddly, your link expired, G-man, but here's the same article:


He was an accomplished lawyer, but clearly wasn't right in the head at the end there. I'd love to hear Dr. Phil's or Keith Ablow's take on the true motivations that would make a guy do something like that.

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