Laura Ingraham devoted her opening monologue and a lot of her program to Biden on Wednesday:

The Ingraham Angle March 20, 2019

Biden and his sons have enriched themselves supporting globalist interests.

I actually read about some of this back in 2010 in Michelle Malkin's book Culture of Corruption on the corruption within the Democrat party.

I have equal contempt for many in the Republican party, such as John Boehner and Paul Ryan, who undermined their own voters and sided with corrupt Democrats to enrich themselves on corporate/globalist lobbyist and campaign donors, and even more so becoming lobbyists after leaving office for these befefactors. Boehner is now a rich man working for the Marijuana lobby.
Also covered in Obamanomics by Timothy Carney, and Clinton Cash by Peter Schweitzer. The ruling class in both parties who enrich themselves with lobbyist money, to advance globalist/corporate interests.

I used to think it was just the Democrats. But many Republicans also give only lip service to defending our sovereignty, jobs, border security and national interests. While many Republicans front to be in opposition to the statist, authoritarian, sovereignty-crushing and open-borders policies of the Democrats, and in fact are financially supported by them. And are thus fake stage props of opposition to the Democrats/globalists. But in truth are just as much bought and paid for sellouts as Biden.